There are no classes scheduled for this studio on this day.

Cardio X – Athletic training class featuring cardio, cardio, cardio! Will challenge your fitness levels and bring them to a whole new level!

E30 – Results Based Training/Cross training – a 30 min circuit combining all components of fitness. 

Glutes, Core & more – A combination of glute and core exercises aimed to develop a strong midsection. 

Burn & Tone 30 – Full body workout incorporating weights and body weight exercises aimed to get the whole body burning.

Pilates – 1 hour Floor based class. The cues & corrections of each class will increase your postural & muscular awareness.

Blissful Flow Yoga – 1 hour flow and Yin. You will move through a yoga flow offering an opportunity to create heat within your body and connect breath and movement. You will continue to focus inward, using this time on your breath to soften and release any stored tension both mentally and physically. 

HIIT 30 – Intense 30-minute circuit session that will work the WHOLE body. 

Pure Strength – Weight Training specific for females. Combination of weights and body weight exercises aimed to build overall strength. 

Boxing – Partner up with a fellow member and get your blood pumping, heart rate high and sweat on! Combining boxing combinations with full body weight exercises, you’re sure to get the whole body burning. 

**All classes are suitable for beginners (work at your own pace)